Off to the Races

Today I begin day 1 of an 8 month journey to health and wellness.

As an adult I have struggled with my weight since college, ballooning over 100 pounds while pregnant with my first child. I kept asking my doctor what I could do to stem the weight gain and he kept telling me it was fine, nothing to worry about. But I never lost on ounce.

As a teen I used to run all the time and swim. I was on a swim team and workouts kept me trim and lean. I could easily run five miles without much thought to it. I remember the feel of finding my rhythm, my breath, going in the “zone”.

I especially loved the times my dad would load us up in the car and take us to the path that joined all the parks together in our town. Then we would run by the river, through the woods, across creeks, in the shade, in the sun. The sounds of the city, the stress of the day would just disappear.

Thirty years later, 21 years of marriage, two children and a gaggle of foster kids later and I am nowhere near the level of health I had then.

Time to change.

Day one – 30 minutes cardio workout

5 min warm up

1 min run/ 2 min walk repeated 7 times

5 min cool down


Smoothie for energy


almond milk

dark cocoa powder




5 thoughts on “Off to the Races

  1. So I managed all 30 mins of cardio and the smoothie was fantastic but I only finished 4 of the 7 intervals. I’m going to have to adjust something for Thursday … maybe a longer walk between runs. I just couldn’t recover fast enough. I may try it on the track, too, instead of on the treadmill.

    Also bought my exercise ball for my core workouts. Off to the races I go!


  2. After the birth of my first daughter I used a “couch to 5k” app on my phone. Not sure if that is something you have considered but it helped me to get back into shape after my c-section. The treadmill can be very boring!! Maybe getting outside will help you have more success! No matter how fast or slow you are going you are passing that person on the couch!

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    1. The treadmills at our gym have cable tv and pandora radio as well as ports to plug in my ereader, so they aren’t as boring as they might be. I just don’t like that I have to adjust a speed button if I want to slow down or speed up. If I’m on a track or outside I can adjust how I want. Thanks for the suggestion on app. I’ll look that up!

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