The Garden Workout and Being Ill

I’m so sick I can hardly move right now. It sure does throw a wrench in the works. But that seems to be how it always goes for me. I get entrenched in a decent diet and workout routine, then WHAM, I end up sick.

This time, it might have been a bit of a detour from my routine though, that caused me to get sick.

We garden extensively. I’m kind of a nut about fresh food and growing my own stuff. Even beyond the idea of pesticides or chemical residues on my foodstuffs in the commercial stores, the idea that someone else touched my raw veggies had always grossed me out.

So, I grow my own.

The winter has been long here, lingering it’s cold snowy self for weeks and weeks beyond our normal planting schedule. But last week, the snow melted and the temps warmed up.

Thinking I would get a really good workout digging compost, carrying pots of soil, and bending and stooping all over the place planting seeds, I opted to work in the yard every day instead of going to the gym.

And it was a great workout for total body.

But I have another problem that appears every spring … I am allergic to the whole world. My allergies roar into full blown sneezing, coughing, asthma induced fits that leave me heaving everything including liquids.

I am miserable.

But the garden is planted for the most part and all those lovely vegetables from my organic garden will soon be on my table …

IF they make it to the house without me eating them first!!


The Motivation of Results, no matter how small

So, I’ve been doing a core workout before my aerobics at the gym for the last couple of months. But really it’s only been a couple of times a week that I manage it because the mats are usually taken when I get there and I can’t do the routine without a nice thick mat.

My old boney self sticks out in the wrong places.

But this week I managed three sessions of core workout and then spent five hours digging compost, moving it in a wheelbarrow, and then digging up garden beds yesterday. Talk about a CORE workout.

Needless to say my abs were groaning, my back was protesting, and I wanted to just flop over and not move ever again.

But when I went to take a shower last night, I noticed my upper abdominals were more defined than I can remember them being. They still have a long way to go, but the fact that I noticed a difference sure makes all those hours of twisting around with a medicine ball seem worthwhile.

And it was such a needed to boost to my mentality to keep going on this journey.

I have dieted and exercised so many times over the last twenty years only to quit a couple of months in because of lack of results. It was all very disheartening time and time and time again.

So, seeing some results unexpectedly, really motivates me to keep moving on. Yahoo!!!

First day back … I think I overdid it

Well, we took off on an adventure for my son’s 21st birthday and went to New Orleans. Fabulous place, if you’ve never been. I just love it and now my kids do too.

But it was not kind to my diet.

Just saying, no matter how delicious Beignets from Cafe du Monde are, they are not diet food. Nor are Strawberry daiquiris or beer or fried oyster po’ boys or … you get my drift, I think.

So today, I was back at it. Off to the gym with my husband in tow this time. We did a 20 min core exercise routine with the balls, then 5 mins on the elliptical, and a mile on the track of intervals.

I’m still searching for something on my body that doesn’t hurt.

Food was good though. Totally paleo breakfast of eggs and bacon and paleo lunch of  salad greens, cabbage mix, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and tuna with a raspberry dressing. And … I even managed a mostly paleo supper. We had chicken sausages, asparagus, and an apple salad that has apples, celery, walnuts, and cheese in it.

I almost never eat dairy any more. Milk hasn’t crossed my lips in years … but cheese still sneaks in every now and again. I make sure it’s well aged though and if possible, from my own goats.