One Mile Down


Made myself walk/run a mile today … complete with stopping for picking up pecans. That was a great stretching exercise and good for the waist and back.


Turkey egg omelet cooked in coconut oil with bacon bits and a sprinkle of cheese. Hot tea with a little sugar (my one daily indulgence). Working on a big glass of water now.

Not sure what else I’ll eat today. I’m not really hungry buy maybe I’ll bake a winter squash and make some soup with it. That would be nice. I think I have some chicken sausage I could cook to go with it.


A little anxious after the events in Paris yesterday. Acts of terrorism trigger my PTSD which has already been on high alert recently. Learning to reach out to others and share what I’ve learned after 20+ years of living with it. Hope is a powerful connector of people.

Ready to write after two days of messing with computer issues and being out-of-town.


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