Somebody Help!!


What diet? I’m so tired of having to think up things to eat and I’m so busy with getting things done that I don’t have time to worry about what I’m eating … so the diet has been whatever I find the last few days.

I did try today. Had spaghetti squash with some sausage and spaghetti sauce and a salad and now I have baked eggs in the oven. But I also drank soda today and am craving blueberry muffins enough that I’m thinking of making the mile long trek to the grocery on foot just to buy some … in the dark … and the cold. Ugh. The carb cravings have begun.


Hmm. Well, I guess if I walk to the store and back I’ll have walked two miles, half of it carrying a load of groceries. Otherwise, I’ve milked a goat today and written about 6,000 words. If I could lose weight in my hands and transfer it to the rest of my body, I’d be good to go.


Oh hell … tonight there’s not a big enough vat of wine for me to fall in. And honestly that’s coming from someone who doesn’t drink that much. The time change and this getting dark by 5:30 in the evening is killing me.



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